Yael Bat-Shimon, MA, LMHC

Yael_headshots_04-28-2014-59I am passionate about working with couples and families of all kinds.  I help couples and families live out their wildest dreams for themselves and their relationships. Maybe your relationship/marriage is in crisis or failing.  Maybe it’s stagnant or full of conflict and, sensing this, your children are beginning to act out in ways that baffle you. Maybe you have become overwhelmed by parenthood and wonder how you and your spouse have managed to drift so far apart and feel so frantic and disconnected.  My sessions focus on couples’ and families’ strengths & resources rather than pathology. The focus is on restoring your original connection, thus freeing you to be the creative, loving, conscious human beings you are meant to be.

 As we travel the journey together, you will experience an effective, original approach for healing both from recent wounds and from old wounds imported into the relationship and current family dynamics from childhood. My work with couples and families integrates ancient wisdom and cutting edge neuroscience such as Memory Reconsolidation Theory into a cohesive and holistic model of relational healing. I want couples and families to achieve “REAL” transformation of their relationships and to grow together towards ever deeper and stronger connection.